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napa:tech;Napatech’s vision is to be the global leader in Reconfigurable Computing Platforms leveraging their deep expertise in FPGA software helping companies of all sizes accelerate application performance and secure their networks. Napatech SmartNICs, used in 6cure Threat Proction solutions, provide guaranteed delivery of network data, and supply all the information needed for effective analysis in real-time, even at speeds up 100G.


DellDell is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of enterprise computer servers. Through its OEM offering, Dell provides the hardware base supporting the most powerful technologies. 6cure relies on the best Dell servers to build and deliver its high-performance appliances.


EndaceEndace is a leader in intelligent packet capture technologies for very high-speed networks. Endace solutions guarantee 100% acquisition, timestamping and transmission for network flow analysis. Endace DAG cards, recognized for their accuracy, reliability and performance, equip 6cure Threat Protection solutions.

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