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DDoS Intelligence


The current DDoS threat is polymorphic and quickly evolving.
Attackers rely on combinations of application layer and volumetric attacks, mixing several attack vectors in pulsating bursts that require constant adaptation and a high level of reactivity from your protections.
In this context, targeted DDoS threat intelligence is required to anticipate the attacks.

We can provide an audit of your current protections, potentially offered by third parties; an exhaustive source of actionable knowledge on the threat – botnets, attack vectors, malicious DNS domains, to mention some; and offer real-time assistance in crisis situations with experts able to respond in a few minutes to any form of attack targeting your infrastructure and services.

Our professional services teams will accompany you through all these steps by deploying our expertise and tools to face the brutality of the threat.
Don’t be left alone, contact our experts at your service.

IllustrationAssess the resilience of your network infrastructure and services against the DDoS threat in a controlled manner.
Our DDoS expertise and our unique audit platform are at your service to test both your human and technical protections to obtain a complete risk analysis.

Threat Intelligence

IllustrationOur DDoS protection and DNS security solutions are using threat intelligence built by 6cure from data obtained through our privileged customers (Intelligence Share), our technology partners, and our own DDoS honeypot infrastructures present on a global scale.
Anticipate the threat with real-time access to our specialized and categorized knowledge bases.

Professional services

IllustrationOur DDoS and DNS experts support you in all your projects, from designing secure architectures to building service offerings.
Our trainers ensure that your teams become more competent, and our incident response team (6cure SERT) assists you during crisis situations.

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