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Operators / Hosting providers

Monaco Telecom

Monaco TelecomMonaco Telecom, which uses the 6cure Threat Protection ® solution to protect the availability of its services and its customers’ accesses, has entered into a partnership with 6cure, in order to promote the effectiveness of 6cure’s anti-DDoS solution, to test the new functionalities, and to give its customers a sneak preview of them.

IMS Networks

Ims NetworksCyblex, the first offer labeled France Cybersecurity for anti-DDoS protection in SaaS mode, is the result of a technological partnership between 6cure and the operator IMS Networks. “Our cybersecurity solutions are managed and hosted on the national territory in order to ensure optimal protection of the strategic data of industrial and economic players. The ambition of IMS and 6cure is to create a national and European leader in anti-DDoS in SaaS mode. The protection solution is already operational on the information systems of two major French groups,” explains Thierry Bardy, Chairman of the Executive Board of IMS Networks. “The risk of losing control of your data to ensure the availability of your IT infrastructure: this is the dilemma that French companies should not face. That’s why this sovereign anti-DDoS offering, born out of the partnership between two French cybersecurity players, makes perfect sense,” adds Fabrice Clerc, President of 6cure.

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