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HexatrustClub HEXATRUST was originally created by 11 companies specializing in cyber security, to offer companies and public organizations of all sizes a range of high-performance, consistent and comprehensive products and services for securing their critical infrastructures.
This alliance responds to the needs of companies, administrations and public and private organizations wishing to benefit from innovative offers of French origin, covering all their IT security needs. Strengthened by their presence on the European market, the members of Hexatrust also aim to accelerate their international development by sharing their experience, their networks and their means of access to world markets.
Hexatrust acts in close cooperation with professional organizations, user groups and institutional players working to strengthen the Cybersecurity and Digital Confidence sector by supporting the development of innovative and growing SMEs, future champions of information system security.
6cure has been a member of the Hexatrust Alliance since 2018.

Pôle d’Excellence Cyber

Pôle d'Excellence CyberLaunched in 2014 by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces (cyber defence pact) and the Regional Council of Brittany (future pact) with a national scope and an objective of international influence, the Cyber Pole of Excellence relies on the regional academic and industrial fabric as well as on national partners or other territories.
The mission of the Pôle d’excellence cyber is to stimulate the development of the cyber training offer (initial, continuing, higher education), cyber academic research, the industrial and technological base of cyber security, with a particular focus on innovative SME-SMIs, including for export.
The Pôle d’excellence cyber thus responds to three major challenges, for the benefit of the national cyber defence and cybersecurity community:
To have the necessary skills to meet the sector’s development needs,
To have a research offer in line with the needs of the Ministry and industrialists,
Have trusted products and services.
6cure has been a member of the Pôle d’excellence cyber since 2018.

European Security and Information Systems Circle

Le Cercle6cure has been a member of the Circle of Security for 8 years. The Cercle, a community of users and decision-makers in the field of Security and Information Systems, federates all professionals in the sector and has more than 1,000 active members: managers, directors of the SSI, security experts, present every year at the Assises de la Sécurité.
It aims to broaden skills and allows exchanges on all issues related to the risks, solutions and means of protecting companies’ digital assets.
Its mission is also to detect innovative solutions and promote their development.

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