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Our expertise

Specialized in response to cybersecurity incidents, we develop response solutions to cyber attacks, intended for operators and companies belonging to various sectors of activity.

We have built effective intelligent attack response offerings, which enable our customers to increase their responsiveness and imperviousness to malicious attacks targeting the availability of their critical services.

Our solutions respond to the problems of Internet players, large organizations, companies or institutions, and those of their customers. The modularity and the simplicity of 6cure solutions facilitate their integration and give the possibility to implement or complete and enhance the security devices of the company.

Our solution, Threat Protection, the result of more than ten years of R&D in the fight against attacks, is the only European solution for complete, effective and differentiated protection against DDoS. The business model developed by 6cure allows it to make its anti DDoS solution accessible to companies of all sizes. This enables these companies to also neutralize new generation attacks that cripple IS and against which traditional means of protection are ineffective.

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