Test your Resistance to DDoS Attacks

Our Value Proposition

We offer you support by testing the resistance of your organisation to Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Whether you are unprotected, you are protected by any solution on the market, or you use your own protection solutions, we offer our attack generation and simulation service so you can assess your ability to resist and you are fully aware of the consequences this kind of attack would have if successful.

Secure Test Environment

All precautions are taken so you can test your resistance to DDoS attacks with peace of mind. Attack generation is organised so that it does not affect your connectivity or production. The tools are also protected to prevent ill-intentioned third parties from using them for malicious purposes.

Comprehensive Test Campaign

To best test your defence devices, we are able to generate a very wide variety of attacks, from classic flooding strategies, to "next generation" DDoS attacks: fragmentation attacks, slow-rate attacks, pulse attacks, combined and multiple-layer attacks, simultaneous attacks on different services, etc. We also test whether your system risks being involved in a bounce/amplification attack against your will.

Comprehensive Test Report

Thanks to our measurement and visibility tools, we are able to create an accurate test report, highlighting the attacks performed, their results and the predictable consequences on your business.

More if you wish!

If you wish, we can also provide our attack detection and neutralisation solution, in simulation mode, to provide you with much better visibility on the test campaign procedure, and the possibility to compare the resistance of your infrastructure to attacks with or without our protection solution.