To help you get the best from 6cure solutions and ensure the success of your operational teams, we also offer different services, from risk assessment to security operations, through incident analysis.

DDoS Assessment

We offer you support by testing the resistance of your organisation to DDoS attacks. Whether you are unprotected, you are protected by any solution on the market, or you use your own protection solutions, we offer our attack generation and simulation service so you can assess your ability to resist and you are fully aware of the consequences this kind of attack would have if successful.

Incident Analysis

We provide our expertise and offer our Post Mortem analysis solutions so you can perform a real diagnosis of your Information System after an attack.


Our experts are available to provide all the help you need for using our solutions. We offer daily support on use, definition of new rules, dynamic adaptation to new attacks, extension of your protection zone, migration to new environments and outsourcing, providing a suitable response to all of your requests.