6cure Solutions

6cure solutions cover the whole cycle for IT security incident handling using three autonomous, complementary products.

Cycle 6cure

Anti-DDoS Protection

Permanent, distinct, flexible protection, guaranteeing the continuous availability of your critical services. 6cure offers you this with the Threat Protection solution, which cleanses communication flows on the fly, going beyond the current capacities of firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems, thanks to smart layered filtering, innovative, patented behavioural recognition and very-high-speed processing of malicious flows to protect your business.


Give yourself the means to rapidly respond to threats! With 6cure Threat Management and its unique response engine, in real time, you can assess all the response strategies suited to handle the incident, and immediately activate your defenses to block attacks and prevent irreversible damage. An invaluable way to save time and money.

Detection & Analysis

The 6cure Event Management solution brings you the power and intelligence required to detect threats targeting your systems. Its flexible architecture enables you to collect all kinds of security information, and analyse it easily, quickly and effectively. It informs you in real time and creates your routine and regulatory reports.