6cure works with several partners from different business areas. The company is involved in various European Research & Development projects. We provide our expertise to various clubs and networks. 6cure's development is also supported by various institutions. Lastly, we work with different technology partners as part of our aim to always ensure our customers are satisfied.

  • IMS Networks

  • Scalair

    Scalair is Integrator, host and operator of infrastructure and cloud services. Through its offer, Scalair proposes a comprehensive security approach to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of customer data. Scalair integrates a service Anti -DDoS solution based on 6cure Threat Protection.


    Endace is a leader in smart packet capture technologies for very-high-speed networks. Endace solutions guarantee 100% acquisition, time stamping and transmission for network flow analysis. Endace DAG cards, which are recognised for their precision, reliability and performance, and are used in 6cure Threat Protection Protection.

  • DELL

    Dell is one of the world's leading large-scale manufacturers of IT servers for companies. Through its OEM offer, Dell provides the hardware support base for the most effective technologies. 6cure uses the best Dell servers to create and deliver its high-performing appliances.


    Orange is one of the world's leading telecommunications operators. It has over 150 million customers, covering internet, television and mobiles in most countries where the Group operates. Orange supported the creation of 6cure via its technological expansion cluster.


    The European MASSIF (Management of Security information and events in Service InFrastructures) project has two main goals: - To extend the perimeter of current SIEM activities so as to give them a "service" vision - To improve the overall relevance of SIEM in terms of detection and the ability to directly respond to attacks. The project therefore aims to develop a general solution that can be adapted to suit various service contexts. This solution will aim to use consistent information from the network's activity, service support, and the very activity of the protected services. Project complete. Role of 6cure: 6cure was in charge of integrating the components developed in the Prelude project, an open source SIEM.

  • ADAX

    The ADAX (Attack Detection And Countermeasures Simulation) project aims to study the feasibility of solutions used to detect complex attacks against an information system operating in an environment that is complex itself, and to quickly and accurately respond to these attacks with suitable countermeasures. Ongoing project. Role of 6cure: 6cure is working on the decision aid mechanisms for selecting and implementing countermeasures in response to attacks.


    The NECOMA (Nippon-European Cyberdefense-Oriented Multilayer threat Analysis) project aims to provide new ways to understand cyber-threats and the mechanisms required to counter their effects on infrastructure and communication end points (computers, smartphones and browsers). Ongoing project. Role of 6cure: 6cure focuses on the cyber-defence aspects of the project, in particular, the use, coordination and management of existing equipment at the core of the network to mitigate DDoS attacks.


    Secure Electronic Transactions (SETs) are an essential, strategic challenge for society, both now and in the future. We face the challenges of trust and security. The SET competitive cluster decided to take on these challenges, based on cooperation between companies, research units and training centres, by dealing with the overall issue linked to technological innovation, usage, marketing and the law. 6cure has been a member of the SET competitive cluster since 2010, and regularly attends their meetings and themed conferences. The cluster also issued their label to the ITEA2 "ADAX" project in which 6cure is involved.


    In an era of globalisation, the notions of security and conflict have changed. This requires us to take different strategic directions in the use of defence mechanisms inside and outside countries. The French Defence Ministry supports 6cure via Defence restructuring funding.


    Bpifrance, a government-owned company, operates in three business areas: aiding innovation, guaranteeing bank lending and equity investors, and partnership funding. Bpifrance has been supporting 6cure from the offset, especially via the national competition to help set up innovative technology companies, which 6cure won in 2009 ("Emergence" category) and 2010 ("Creation-Development") company. Bpifrance supports 6cure in the development of its ambitious Research & Development programme and is therefore an important partner in terms of developing 6cure products and technologies.

  • Cloud Confidence

    Cloud Confidence’s mission is to promote the confidence of cloud computing amongst professionals, users as well as public authorities in Europe and around the world. 6cure has been a member of Cloud Confidence since 2016.


    Agora de la Cybersécurité, created by Diane Rambaldini, is a web-based platform. Its ambition is to identify all companies that provide cyber-security products and services. Its added value comes from the fact that it invites member service providers to strategically include their offers, expertise and innovation in an extremely original themed map, which is easy to understand. 6cure has been registered with Agora since it was launched in 2014.

  • CRIP

    The CRIP (Production and Infrastructure Managers Club) is an independent user organisation, which unites 3,000 IT production and Infrastructure managers, representing more than 262 large corporations, companies and administrations. Members are represented by their CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or their CIO (Chief Information Officer). 6cure was one of the 40 innovative companies selected by the CRIP to take part in the IT Innovation Forum on 10 December 2013 at the Pavillon Dauphine in Paris.


    The aim of this organisation is to help members build, implement and assess action that can be taken to improve relations between SMEs and large corporations, taking the constraints of both parties into account.


    The Club TIC in Normandy is an organisation of IT and ITC professionals, created on the initiative of the Normandy Chambers of Commerce and supported by the Le Havre development agency, and the Le Havre Science and Technology cluster. Its mission is to contribute to the economic development of the area by promoting ITC solutions for company performance. 6cure has been a member of Club TIC since 2010, and actively takes part in leading activities for the club's Caen branch.


    Le Cercle, a community of Information System Security decision-makers and users, brings together all professionals in the sector and has over 1,000 active members: managers, ISS directors and security experts, who attend the annual conference. It aims to expand skills and open up discussions on all the challenges linked to risks, solutions and protection for the digital heritage of companies. Its mission is also to detect innovative solutions and foster their development. 6CURE has been a member of the Cercle Européen de la Sécurité (European Security Circle) since 2012, and regularly takes part in their conferences.


    Forum ATENA is a non-profit organisation, which works where digital technology, companies and higher education meet. Forum ATENA is based around themed workshops that bring together members and outside participants. In each workshop, in-depth discussions are held, events are suggested and the result of work is published in the form of articles or white papers. 6cure has been a member of Forum ATENA since 2012.


    CLUSIF is a professional club, that functions as an independent organisation. Its purpose is to advance information security, which is a factor that determines the longevity of companies and local authorities. 6cure has been a member of CLUSIF since 2013, working as a security software publisher.

  • BDI

    MEITO's mission is to contribute to the economic development of Electronics, IT and Telecommunications in the Western region of France. 6cure has been a MEITO member since 2013.